About Stikiflem (DO NOT CLICK!)

I knew you’d click this page! LOL.

Stikiflem is a java programmer from Davao City, Philippines. A city of heaven from a war torn Mindanao. Its like an oasis on the desert, really.

I’m a dark horse of the blogging community. I keep my silence but I try to contribute as much as I can in my area of expertise, specifically anything about technology and web development.

Music Trip: Rage Against the Machine, Radiohead, Beastie Boys, Radioactive Sago Project, Weezer, Dave Matthews Band, Plumb, Urbandub, Coldplay, Kaskade, Deep Dish, Goo goo dolls, Blindside

Latest Anime Trip: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (1st and 2nd Gig) NOTE: If you thought The Matrix was cool, wait till you see this one. I’ll bet my fingernails on it.

Things I can’t live without: internet connection, delicious (firefox add-on), firebug, eclipse, firefox, twitterfox, ym (at office), pidgin (at home), ubuntu, flashdrive, wired news, utorrent and wordpress stats!

All Time Books: Catcher in the Rye (J.D. Salinger) , Welcome to the Monkey House (Kurt Vonnegut), Farewell to Arms (Ernest Hemingway), The Great Gatsby (John D. Fitzgerald) and As the Crow Flies (Jeffrey Archer)

Twitter: @stikiflem

Plurk: stikiflem

Friendster blog:  (decommissioned blog)

My Social Net Site: stikiflem.multiply.com(my pictures and personal rantings)





2 Responses to “About Stikiflem (DO NOT CLICK!)”

  1. liquidskinn Says:

    ah! finally! you’ve decided to manifest yourself in here.. :) i heard you love the stats.. :D pretty good yes?

    it’s good to see you here.. any chance I can earn a spot in your blog roll?

  2. top calara Says:

    Dude, Pinoy ka rin pala! How nice, I too love Ghost in the Shell. Too bad the anime is way above its contemporaries that it does not enjoy much viewership like Naruto, DBZ etc. Its following may not be too big but its a very loyal following.

    I’ve always wondered if there are other kababayans out there who love the series and movies of GitS. Nice to come across you. If you have something to share or ask me about GitS feel free to mail me. salamat!

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